About Clhyo

Group Leaders:  Filippo De Angelis & Simona Fantacci

Scientific and technological research and development is the engine of the “green revolution” which is driving the world economy towards a sustainable growth on a grand scale. Renewable energy sources and low cost devices which use high technology and smart materials for specific functions, are topics of great relevance for academic and industrial research. A global challenge is to capture and use solar energy for a sustainable development and to use the produced energy for low-cost, low-consumption lighting solutions. In this respect, Dye-Sensitized Solar cells (DSC) and Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLED) represent valuable examples of both technologies, that can also be integrated into a unique photonic device. Moreover, efficient non linear optical chromophores can be integrated into bulk materials employed in photonic and electrooptical devices, telecommunications, and optical data storage and processing, further expanding the aim and scope of photonic devices.


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