FP7-NMP-2013- MESO

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FP7 - NMP - 2013  - MESO: Meso-superstructured Hybrid Solar Cells

In this project we will develop a new class of low cost solution processible hybrid solar cells, termed "mesosuperstructured solar cells" (MSSCs) which are based on Perovskite absorbers and organic hole-conductors. This technology has already proven to be remarkably efficient on its first reduction to practice, but has tremendous scope to compete with the very best crystalline semiconductor and thin film technologies on efficiency, while offering the very lowest potential cost for materials and solution processed manufacturing. The activities in MESO will span from synthesis of new organic-inorganic perovskite absorbers and organic hole-conductors, theoretical modelling, through device optimization, characterisation and advanced spectroscopy, to scale-up, stability enhancement and certification and demonstrator manufacture. Our consortium consists of leading academics in Europe; pioneers of hybrid solar cells, expert organic and inorganic synthetic capabilities, leaders in electronic energy level calculations, interfaces and device simulation, world class advanced spectroscopy, and a dynamic early stage technology company. This diverse yet perfectly complementary pan European consortium will ensure that the MESO project will deliver on its objectives, and realize a new commercial photovoltaic technology.

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