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FP7-ICT-2010--SUNFLOWER: Sustainable novel flexible organic watts efficiently reliable.

SUNFLOWER is a collaborative research project of 17 partner institutions from science and industry. Its goal is the development of highly efficient, long-lasting, cheap and environmentally friendly printed organic photovoltaics.

As a result of increasing prosperity more and more countries need more energy. The growth of the traditional industrial countries is based largely on the energy from fossil fuels. But it is well known how much they pollute our planet. This is the reason why research in the field of alternative energies is strongly supported (Earth Summit – Agenda 21,1992 and Kyoto Protocol, 1997).

Solar energy, among others, is an alternative and more environmentally friendly energy source. It is already extensively in use to heat buildings, to charge electronic devices or more rarely in the form of power plants for the production of electricity. The challenge related to the production of solar energy is currently to make solar cells (photovoltaics) more efficient, cheaper and more durable. Only if this can be achieved, solar energy will be competitive in market.

The SUNFLOWER project and all involved scientists and technical developers want to make a significant contribution to the improvement of solar cells. The SUNFLOWER partners focus on high-tech research with the goal to produce printed organic photovoltaics modules with high efficient (tandem) architecture and dedicated light management structures. The partner will deliver solutions for new photo-active polymer materials, cost effective flexible substrates including diffusion barriers and printed conductors. In the near future a deeper understanding of the device pysics, an elucidation of degradation mechanisms and an estimate of the environmental impact of the main materials and processes will be available thanks to the SUNFLOWER partners.

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